Open Minds Fusion Studio is a locally owned yoga and aerial studio in Minneapolis, MN. Our fitness and wellness community is focused on the betterment of minds, bodies, and futures.

What's in a name? At Open Minds Fusion Studio we're dedicated to fusing many different types of fitness into one dynamic, beautiful studio setting and we're committed to opening our minds & encouraging the same in our community. Our 'boutique' studio in uptown is truly a safe place for everyone. Away from the hustle, good vibes are shared in our eclectic, artistic-feeling studio. Our studio is reflective of the minds and lifestyle of the people who frequent it. A touch of bohemian theatrical flamboyance with the serenity of being in a temple, we aim to provide you with the tools and teachers you need to develop your practice: be it yoga, aerial, or other arts.


Here at OMFS, we’re passionate about offering
unique, niche, intense classes from highly skilled instructors who are dedicated to our sense of community. We’re always looking for new skills, new teachers and ways to expand our studio, our presence and our minds ... ALL while bettering our bodies!

Open Minds Fusion Studio was originally the dream of a pair of spirited wild women who have dedicated much of their lives to being students of many arts. Angela the Aerialist & Koreen the Yogini met over lunch one day to discuss the possibility of collaborating to change their lives, become their own boss & open a studio. Not long after this, the opportunity arose and they took over the space @ 515 W, Lake st. In Fall of 2015, they started offering regular classes and the dream of OMFS became reality!

We believe that there is no need for being ‘normal’ or to follow the flock. There is room for wildness in learning and all are welcome to shine their own light. We can both be found not only teaching classes, but taking them as well. Can’t wait to take a class with you soon!
— Koreen, Owner & Angela, Co-Founder

Koreen Valdovinos

Owner and co-founder of Open Minds Fusion Studio, Director of all things Yoga.

Angela "Hazmat" Higgins

Co-founder of Open Minds Fusion Studio


Yogic philosophy not just yoga postures are the cornerstone of Koreen's teachings, yet niche yoga and non-traditional yoga movement is what sets her apart from the rest. This stems from her deep belief in the positive evolution of yoga andher dedication topersonal growth. There is room for yoga to grow as a practice & room for everyone to take part!

Yoga is an art with the power to cultivate healing and Koreen has the gift of helping people tap into their own primal power though yoga, by inviting students to FEEL the rhythm of their own heart-beat.. and to move to it.

Koreen, was brought to MN to study Communication Arts at The University of MN, and has worked in many fields before taking on yoga full-time. From managing operations and publicity for the high volume, punk-rock music venue, First Avenue; To managing the Box Office for Bodies, The Exhibition (plasticized human corpses); From working on the marketing end of a colonoscopy software company; To creating art, and performing. Koreen has a large volume of life experience to pull her teachings from. Sensual Shaman, Sensual Educator, Love Enthusiast, Tantric Practitioner, Performer, Healer, Yoga Teacher, Buti Yogini, Energy Worker, Dance Enthusiast, Activist & Ethical Philosopher, Meditation Teacher and Life Artist - enthusiastic about community and collaboration.

Koreen practices and teaches yoga from her core believe in our Oneness and the healing capacity of our inner-connectedness

We are linked in many ways and as our individual consciousness grows, the whole evolves.

What to expect when you take a class with Angela: You will laugh, you will have fun, you will learn. Her teaching style is a curious mix of humor and intuitive training. You'll rarely see her serious, but she will always make learning aerial a fun and safe experience.

Angela’s passion for physical movement and self-improvement shines through in her teaching style, she is a unique and dynamic instructor with a penchant for jokes and a talent for form and choreography.

A bit of background: Coming from an industrial background, with over a decade of experience working manufacturing and doing everything from welding to machining, she grew tired of the lifestyle and the negative work environments and decided to make a change. Developing a strange hobby of roller figure skating, then quitting drinking and smoking and starting her own cleaning business were the first steps to healthy living and financial freedom. She got introduced to the world of aerial acrobatics in February of 2014 when Enticing Entertainment owner Justen Pohl talent scouted her at the local roller rink. Since then she's had many performances and experiences that prepared her to share her knowledge with her students. The house cleaning business was booming, but it wasn't a job she wanted for life.

When Koreen asked her to collaborate on opening a studio, there was no question what her new career path would be.

Never stop teaching, never stop learning, never stop practicing, never stop giving and growing.