Aerial Classes have limited spots Available: Please register before class on our Mindbody Online Schedule or by clicking on buttons below. 

If a class doesn't have 2 people signed up an hour before, it may be canceled so register today, bring a friend,  and see you soon!
Drop in Class Price is $20 for Aerial Classes. OR Buy a package for discounted rates when you register.
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Aerial Vinyasa Yoga:

A flowing practice that blends aerial acrobatics and yoga postures together for a challenging asana practice focused on breath and uniting body, mind, spirit. Balances strength and flexibility. Class is suited for all body types and is welcome to anyone who has taken Aerial Yoga Foundations! 

Aerial Yoga Sculpt

Get off the ground while balancing strength, grace and aerial yoga movement. This class will rock your body and carve out all of your muscles (even ones you weren't aware existed). Hydrate beforehand.

Aerial + Buti Yoga

Aerial Twerk?! Coming soon. Yes your read that right! This class will combine the booty shaking skills of Buti Yoga, but mostly up in the air. Practice your static shakes and booty pops with the aerial hammock supporting your some of your weight while your sweet booty takes on most of the momentum!   There will also be fluid floor work utilizing the hammock to help you glide and slide. This is a great full body workout and will blast the abs, arms, glutes and legs alike. Lots of sexy, strong and empowering fun.

Yin & resTOritive Aerial Yoga

This practice is perfect for a reset: mentally, physically, and spiritually. A blend between Yin and Restorative yoga practices utilizing the aerial hammock. Expect to decompress, stretch, breathe, and float. No Aerial Yoga Foundations required prior to attending this class.



Please take this class or have the equivalent experience before flying into Aerial Yoga classes. Learn the basics and the lingo so you can float and fly safely and confidently. Every Sunday at Noon and occasional other times will be offered.

Aerial Open Gym

An opportunity to train your skills and learn from other aerialists. We generally have three lyra and six tissu available. 

To attend open gyms, you must be able to competently tie foot knots or climb OR have OM teacher referral. Contact studio with any questions about requirement. 

An instructor will be present to supervise, but if you are hoping to learn in a more structured environment, check out an aerial class instead. All participants must sign waiver. All ages welcome, under 18 MUST have a parent in attendance.

aerial Silks

Entry-level and intermediate acrobatic style aerial silks (also called tissu) class. Come prepared to work hard and feel accomplished. 

We begin with a warm-up and conditioning before moving on to the basics of aerial tissu. No experience is required!

Bring a water bottle and wear stretchy, tight fitting clothing that covers your knees. You won't want shorts for this...

Please no jewelry on your hands or wrists or dangling earrings. Cameraphones and enthusiasm welcome. 



rebecca trapeze

This is a very special aerial fitness class for circus arts newbies who seek to redefine their relationship with gravity. Please note that this is a true Beginners class. You can do this! Our static trapezes hang at an invitingly friendly knee and hip-height! Learn basic maneuvers while re-experiencing the joys of childhood movement. We begin every class with self-massage on rolling balls, encouraging a greater sense of self-balance, followed by buti-inspired movement to gently stimulate the heart rate; then, trapeze workout ending with cooldown stretches which emphasize flexibility and shoulder safety. 90 minutes of strong ass joy for your body and imagination! Mondays/Thursdays 10-11:30am BEGINNERS TRAPEZE is appropriate for: curious women of a certain age, semi-athletes looking to regain the thrill of new pursuits, and grounded goddesses who dream of floating midair. “Just remember, it’s harder to frown hanging upside down."

Rotating Aerial and Various Circus Arts workshops come all the time. So make sure to like us on Facebook and check our special events schedule.