Aerial Yoga Classes

Please view our weekly schedule to check for current offerings. Some of these classes are seasonal.

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Aerial yoga For beginners

Last Tuesdays of the month. 745pm

Please PreRegister!

A flowing practice that blends aerial acrobatics and yoga postures together for a beginner to intermediate aerial asana practice focused on breath and uniting body, mind, spirit. Balances strength and flexibility. Flow with your breath and feel light and open.

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This practice is perfect for a reset: mentally, physically, and spiritually. A blend between Yin and Restorative yoga practices utilizing the aerial hammock. Expect to decompress, stretch, breathe, and float.

No Aerial Yoga Foundations required prior to attending this class. Though having a good feel for any style of yoga postures and flow is helpful.

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We have Aerial Hammock / Aerial Yoga special series planned all fall and Winter! Usually A Weekly Beginner Hammock series will happen every few weeks.

We also have really cool POP-UP workshops...from floating Sound Bath Aerial Yoga, to more acrobatic aerial workshops.

Please see our Facebook Events to find the next one before it sells out. Next one starts soon (FB gets updated faster then the events on this website, due to the pop up nature of some events)

So, make sure to like us AND like our posts so you are more likely by FB algorithms to see the Pop-Up of all kinds we host. From Sauna experiences to Earth Goddess Symposiums to Womxn’S Circles.
...From Aerial Lyra to Aerial Silks & handstand workshops.

Pop Up Classes Include such classes as:

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Aerial Fitness & Conditioning and aerial fitness flow

All levels welcome! Aerial Fitness &Conditioning is practiced on Aerial Silks and focuses on strength and endurance. Be prepared to sweat it up with conditioning exercises and drills.

Aerial Fitness Flow is practiced in a hammock or sling and focuses on tricks, agility and fun in this circus-style class

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Aerial yoga- GONG BATH

Floating SOund BAth Meditation

The dark yoga class yoga know and love, but in the air. Feel weightless and also become one with gravity. After the sun sets. Aerial Yin poses. Heavy meditation. Dark ambient music. Soundbaths with singing bowls, Giant Gongs, and smudging with burning sage to wash over our auras and cleanse us. Very limited space.


Aerial Super Stretch & Slow Flow

For Flexibility & Fitness. Slow flow aerial yoga poses! Use the aerial hammock which is an aerial silk in a loop to hold your poses and allow you to go deeper.

We will flow through aerial yoga aerial and Aerial fitness poses in this class for all levels. Compliments your other practices - be it aerial lyra or yoga classes on the mat, or running or strength training. Slow down your practice and your mind. Add a little yoga flexibility to your aerial!

Get flexy and fly high