Dance Classes

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Boss Chick Dance WOrkout


The Boss Chick Dance Workout is a high intensity hip hop, dance hall, afrobeats fusion twerkout that will have you poppin, lockin’, and droppin’ your way to a bangin' healthy body. The class features dance cardio set to the hottest beats of hip-hop, dancehall, and afrobeats. In addition to discovering your inner-Beyonce you will be sculpting your abs, arms, legs, and booty for a complete full body workout! Come prepared to sweat and dance like never before and burn up to 1000+ calories! *Ladies/Female Identified Only.*

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TwerkShop - make it clap

Do you like the satisfying sound of a good clap?

Do you like/want and/or have a booty?

Want to combine your love for both?

This high energy, body positive class will make you feel like a sexy mother fucker and leave you laughing and grinning from ear to ear! 

Twerk based moves, booty poppin' bests, and  choreographed number at the end of class that you can bring home to