Yoga and Group Classes are just $15 to drop in. 5 and 10 packs available = even more affordable!  Aerial Classes are 20 per drop in with packs available.


 Take unlimited yoga, aerial, group and specialty workshops by joining the Open Minds Tribe. Just 30 dollars the first month! Cancel anytime.

Buti Yoga - 

Our most popular class

Fusing power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a high-intensity workout that transforms the body from the inside out, Buti Yoga is powerful version of a vinyasa flow that feels like intuition from your core (meaning the middle of your body, abs and back side, but also the core of your being). Some yoga experience encouraged, but not required as the repeated movements and poses are learned quickly.

In our Buti Yoga classes we allow ourselves the freedom to move, to be turned on, to be tapped in ... to love ourselves! ...we get sensual, and we get fierce! We own our bodies and dance to our own primal beat. THIS is yoga. This is self love.

These are the goddesses next to you in class who run this community. She on the mat across from you might be the gentle warrior who becomes your new best friend.

Click on video below for more:

Slow & Sexy Buti Yoga - Slow Flow w/ Koreen

A slowed down and sexier version of Buti Yoga. Fusing tribal dance with vinyasa yoga. This hip opening, booty moving, chakra balancing flow will feel more like a dance that you love rather than a workout. 
Always holding true to yogic ideals, Koreen layers meditations & philosophies into class with a significant savasana to end your practice. She especially enjoys working with women and a sense of sisterhood through Buti Yoga, as we move to tribal beats and yoga flow, spiraling movement and meditations in her classes. Accessible to all levels, from super beginner to advanced, this dynamic movement practice is set to upbeat music- drums, electronica, and some hip hop. It will not only whip you quickly into shape but it has the capacity to brighten your whole life.

Tap into sensual enlightenment and your inner powerful goddess. Join the Buti Yoga tribe.

Goddess inspired Yoga Class:

Chakra Balancing Yoga Flow
(all levels)

Breathe, Stretch & Move in this grounding and energizing class series.  Each week, we will explore ways to open and release the physical & energetic bodies. Moving through the Chakras with music, yoga poses and meditation. We will build heat as we move through a fun and challenging asana sequence. This class will focus on balancing and opening the seven major chakras or energy centers. When the Chakras begin to become opened and balance the Kundali life force energy is able to flow freely. When our Chakras align with the universal flow of energy, bliss, harmony, and creativity have the ability to manifest more efficiently in our lives.

Shakti Vinyasa flow

Shakti Vinysasa flow is all about tapping pure creative energy!

Rise and Shine with Shakti Yoga!

Burst into your day with a practice consisting of conscious, flowing movements, postures, and breathing. This class will leave you feeling strong, inspired, awake and refreshed! Rise and practice with us and shine bright all day!

Vinyasa yoga Links breath to your asana postures. It's a work out and a meditation all in one.

dance classes; cardio hip-hop, bellydance, dance temple, etc

Come dance it out!

With styles ranging from some blood pumpin' cardio hip-hop, to the body/brain workout of tribal fusion bellydance, to early morning sober dance parties we like to call "dance temple," we have an ever growing dance and conditioning schedule thats sure to help you boogie through your week!

Dark Yoga

Get blessed by the darkness! Dark Yoga. Dark Music....In a progressively darker, and darker, room! Tweak your sense of balance.  Rock out to stoner metal, ambient drone, violins, stings, piano, classic hard rock, and DOOMY electonica! Dark yoga provides an environment that inspires dynamic,slow paced movement, along side some power yoga. An emphasis on breath work and meditation. Accessible to practitioners of all levels, students can expect a mix of vinyasa flow, balancing poses in a dark room (to REALLY challenge your sense of balance), yin postures, restorative poses, seated breath work, and guided meditation. A powerful class for athletes, roller derby players, rock stars, and those looking for something great to do on a Friday Night.

DARK Yoga is a creation of ours and speaks to the evolution of yoga that is gaining popularity at Open Minds: not only is this practiced in a dark room, but it lets you tap into your physiological and emotional dark side as we blast ‘dark’ music ... from drone to metal to classical and sometimes with live musicians!


Regular Workshops w special rates...

OM Tribe unlimited memebers caN always enjoy special workshops and avoid fees or higher drop in rates:


Yoga for Head & Neck tension

Once a month on weekends, a workshop incorporating different healers and teachers everytime! ! blissful workshop for head and neck tension. I developed this workshop because people I love suffer with chronic pain and migraines. As I seek for answers and relief, I invite masters of various healing modalities to teach at every workshop. I hope u can share the bliss with those who might need it.  Included regularly: Massage specialists, Reiki Masters, Yoga teachers of all kinds, Acupressure, essential oils and the power of CDB Hemp oil.

Special Aerial workshops

watch schedule

Buti Glo

Black lights and Deep beats! a night time super fun and high energy class. Get your glo tribal pant on. Let's Party




(these classes are at the aerial price rate of 20 per drop on (packages make it more affordable)

Check our Aerial Yoga classes regularly as we add new types often! Dance in the air. Or just get ripped there! Either way you will see you body, strength and flexibility change for the better. The more you come, the better it gets. 

Aerial Yoga & Aerial Vinyasa

Aerial Yoga: A flowing practice that blends aerial acrobatics and yoga postures together for a challenging asana practice focused on breath and uniting body, mind, spirit. Balances strength and flexibility. Class is suited for all body types and is welcome to anyone who has taken Aerial Yoga Foundations or has equal training or aerial background

AERIAL YINstoritive

Combining Yin and Restorative yoga poses in the air! A truly juicy and mindful class. Good long stretching. A meditative flow. All levels. Heal, stretch and restore. Bliss out!

Aerial Sculpt

Aerial Yoga + Sculpt (all levels)

The name says it all! Flow, fly, get ripped and feel like a flying angel doing it.

Aerial Yoga foundations

Foundational for beginners or those working on getting those skills and postures tuned up. Please take at least one, 2 or 3 of these challenging classes before moving on to Aerial Vinyasa classes or sculpt.

All of our yoga and group classes can be purchased as a single drop in class for $15. Feel free to drop in with cash ro register before class and save time at the door buy purchasing online. Save money and buy a class pack right away! Register online and buy either single or packages through mindbody online. Special pay as you can program is available. check out scholarship info and stop in to apply.

SomaSunsa Yoga - Canceled at open Minds

but please check out more info - classes are held at private residences in Minneapolis

(Member based Co-ed Naturist, Nude/Naked Yoga)

SomaSunsa Nude, Naked & Naturist Yoga is a Vinyasa Flow with many of the elements commonly found in traditional yoga: Meditation, Breath Work, Flow Posing..


/nākid/ Yes you read correctly: we do yoga ... without clothing :D No expensive yoga pants required! All joking aside, we take our yoga very seriously. We are BOLD & EXPERIENCED teachers with yogic philosophies to life and living.

Our philosophical idea is that by taking off our layers we all enter the same playing field of strength, skin, and vulnerability - a profound place for encountering potential yogic transformation.