Yoga & Mat Classes

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Buti yoga

Fusing power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a high-intensity workout that transforms the body from the inside out, Buti Yoga is powerful version of a vinyasa flow that feels like intuition from your core (meaning the middle of your body, abs and back side, but also the core of your being). Tap into your sensual-self and revel in your inner Goddess. While this class is deeply rooted in celebrating the divine feminine, all are welcome and encouraged to join this practice. **Some yoga experience encouraged, but not required as the repeated movements and poses are learned quickly.


dark yoga

Get blessed by the darkness! Dark Yoga. Dark Music....In a progressively darker, and darker, room! Tweak your sense of balance and heighten your other senses. Dark yoga provides an environment that inspires dynamic,slow paced movement, along side some power yoga. An emphasis on breath work and meditation. Accessible to practitioners of all levels, students can expect a mix of vinyasa flow, balancing poses in a dark room (to REALLY challenge your sense of balance), yin postures, restorative poses, seated breath work, and guided meditation. A powerful class to help you unleash your inner rock star!

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Chakra Yoga

This class will focus on balancing and opening the seven major Chakras or energy centers. When the Chakras begin to become opened and balanced, thekundalinior life force energy is able to flow freely. When our Chakras align with the universal flow of energy, bliss, harmony, and creativity have the ability to manifest more efficiently in our lives.


Earth Goddess Yoga

YOGA + Fluid Movement + meditations, mantra and music. We get primal! Embody your own inner Earth Goddess. Experience sensual enlightenment and dance therapy in every class! Various kinds of dynamic movement and types of yoga are used in every class. Vinysasa flow, Buti yoga and Kundalini as well as  some occasional restorative yoga and some yin traditional yoga with a feminine flair. For anyone who wants to tune into the sacred feminine. 

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Aerial Yoga

Please visit our Aerial Yoga Page for information on our Aerial Yoga classes



Vinyasa Yoga Flow with sequences that focus on increasing strength and power from the core. Not just your abs (but those will get a workout!) …. the core of your soul.