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Love Passionately Tantric Meetup w Sara and Thomas

Once a month at Open Minds, we are honored to host host a variety tantric based of workshops offered by Sarah and Thomas.

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Sat Oct 1, Sat Nov 12, Sat Dec 3: 7-9pm

"About Us

We have enjoyed a loving marriage for over 25 years and have raised two amazing sons. Early on we began studies to enrich our relationship, bringing in mindful, creative and passionate practices.  As in any marriage, we have shared difficulties and personal challenges, while all along prioritizing the integrity of our union.

For years we have done bodywork, meditation, yoga, exploring relationship and interpersonal dynamics.  Tantra has supported us weaving together all of these disciplines into a pleasurable balance of body, mind and spirit for approaching life in a much more loving manner.

As Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers, through the Ecstatic Living Institute based on the life work of Margot Anand, we are excited to share SkyDancing Tantra with others who want to live and love more passionately.


For over 25 years, I have professionally helped people with their relationships, emotional health, I am an artist and a proud mother.  Through Tantra the private part of me is becoming public in that I am passionate and playful, sensual and spiritual.  My creative self has flourished in so many ways, such that I am passionate about helping other people feel more connected and energized to themselves and all aspects of their lives.


Having been a hands on bodyworker for over 35 years, I’m excited to be moving in new directions!  Adding coaching, Tantric Massage and Aquatic Bodywork has given me the ability to relate to my clients in a very loving and nurturing way.  Through my studies of SkyDancing Tantra, I’ve realized that loving passionately has been with me all my life and it’s great to finally start teaching what I’ve known all along!  Join me on this journey of self discovery.

U 2 can Love Passionately"