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Chakra Balancing Yoga :::: Tuning Yourself with Sound, Yoga, & Essentail Oils


Chakra Balancing Yoga :::: Tuning Yourself with Sound, Yoga,  & Essentail Oils

W/ Singer, Songwriter, Yogini, Artist, teacher, Marigold Ambermarie.

A very special and beautiful 90 min class (THAT YOU CAN USE WITH ANY OPEN MINDS CLASS PACKAGES EVEN THO IT I MORE OF A WORKSHOP EVENT!)  Incorporating music, tuning in and tapping in. Use your sense of sound, smell, sight and touch to balance and bliss out. This class will focus on balancing and opening the seven major chakras or energy centers. When the Chakras begin to become opened and balanced, the kundalini or life force energy is able to flow freely. When our Chakras align with the universal flow of energy, bliss, harmony, and creativity have the ability to manifest more efficiently in our lives. This class will begin with an informative session about the Kundalini energy and all seven major Chakras. The information will be followed by a Yoga class specifically designed to balance the Chakras. After the yoga portion of class, we will continue to work on tuning the chakras using mantras, sound, music, visualization and essential oils. A very special & beautiful class! If you have a package you CAN use it to take this class as a group class. Only 15 dollops to drop into the is workshop style class! Leave class feeling blissed out and ready for your life!

Lead by the very musical Yogini, experienced Chakra Tuner, Marigold Ambermarie. We are so excited to have her host this event as we are blessed by her talents and loving presence.

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