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Kick Sugar Workshop

This workshop is an introduction to kicking your sugar habit to the curb so you don’t have to use sugar for fulfillment. You know how you’ve done a lot of work on yourself to stay healthy, but you go into the break room at work and there’s a fresh pile of donuts in delectable colors and flavors, and you want to eat at least one and you know if you so much as even look at them a few seconds more you’ll be gaining five pounds and feeling regretful? We get to the emotional roots of your sugar habit so you can free yourself from craving and uncover your stress triggers that lead to eating sweets.

In this workshop you will experience healthy sugar alternative recipes, take a look cravings, and ground self some yogic breath. You will walk away form this workshop with a better knowledge of self and healthy ideas for your tool kit whether or not you choose to join up for the upcoming 4 week series, Kick Sugar To The Curb, a sugar detox.

Kick off your summer on the right foot by kicking sugar to curb.