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Dance Temple PM Edition - Libra Dance Party

Conscious Dance Party! Free flow. Jam. Flow arts. Partner dance. Jumping up and down. Yoga poses. Just smiling and sitting. It’s alll goood. Just feel. 

This a special PM version of Dance Temple Tuesdays 7-930am. To give you a feel of why you should get up in the AM with us for upcoming Tuesday morning dance parties. 

- Fresh Beats, 2.5 hours, drop-in anytime from 9-1130pm. ...and ride the rhythm wave! No rules except we want u to move as you please. Nothing you can do is wrong when dancing and connected. Lay down if you wanna! When you wanna. Or connect to your inner tribal beast and Warrior Princess. Dance for rain. Dance for justice. Dance your prayers. Dance because you are a Libra, or love one! 

Likely an after party as well because we love fun! And it’s Koreen’s Birthday! Yoga mama of Open Minds who hopes many Libras, and this who love, them can make it this Thursday night! 

Dance Temple is usually a morning dance party. But this week we are bringing it to the Pm. Get it! Skip the drunk assholes and club scene. Find a flow you love and people like you. ...people who like you for u. Sober dance party! A safe space to feel good. 

Guest DJ Sentient Wires - techno/house , tribal house, and ambient drone to cool it down at the end of the night. 

Alex U will Be sharing her gifts and Doing tarot readings from 930 on in the back room/ hall. Check it out! (more info on Alex below) 

Conscious dance. Free style. Stretch, flow. If you feel it, do some yoga! Modern dance or contact improv! Bring a partner and zouk! Find a beat and ride it like it’s your first rave in 1997! Bring friends. Move. No rules. Connect to your body how you please.

We love this community and we hope you come to this special party! 

Donuts and coffee ...and Kombucha ...possibly Koreen specially cacoa drink..and elixirs for Koreen's Birthday! Get sugar high! 

Fresh Beats. Sweet Treats. 

Normally 10 bucks We would love it if u registered so when know how much food to bring So please do! OR BRING CASH TO DONATE AT THE DOOR. 

...or pay as u can for dance temple to support our space and our DJ!!! But we just want to see your face to celebrate. Donuts and elixirs provided. 

Register here to drop some cash for the space via card or drop some cash at the door. Or not. Just come and say hi. And of course dance. Or jump. Or flow. Or hug.
Note form Alex Tarot: 
Happy Libra Season!

I will be at the event, reading tarot in the hallway (because it’ll be quiet). If you’d like to have a reading, the price is $2/minute and one question takes roughly 8-12 minutes.

I appreciate if you have a question prepared for me, but we can figure that out at the table, if need be. Many folks ask about work, moving, general guidance, large purchases, love, family, school, mental health, self care, shadow work, etc.

I accept Venmo, PayPal, Cash, Check, and FB Pay.

🦋🦋🦋 Extra Info 🦋🦋🦋

Some things to know about me:

I’m not a “fortune teller”. Although some of the events that come up in the reading will be set in the future, you still have free will to choose a different outcome. My style is much like a counseling or life coach session, where we look at behavioral patterns and figure out how to make the wisest choices in relation to the query.

I maintain a high ethical standard in my tarot practice. The details of your reading are confidential, and I attempt to create a safe, welcoming, low-judgment zone. That being said, the ethical standard that I practice is aligned with Taoist Principles as depicted in the I Ching, which inform the structure and content of my sessions.

If you’d like to learn more, connect, collaborate, or book an energy work, tarot, I Ching, or astrology session outside of this event, there is more info on my website