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Valentines Day Women's Circle

A women’s circle to to build joy, connection, intuition, play, and unabashed sensuality... for grown ass women

🌙Concepts of tantra and yoga will be utilized and yoga alongside ceremony, discussion, and learning. Learn about the healing power of intentional movement!

🧬Learn about sensual energy & kundalini and we can harness it in larger ways. We all have access to it!

🔥Open you heart with us by way of a Cacao ceremony. Feel / taste hot Cacao’s energizing benefits.

🌒✨Join us in an evening of digging into self-love, finding it within you! What is it to you? What ways can we cultivate it in our every day life?

Lead by:
Of Goddess Circles Chelsey K brings her Fire and experience of leading such women’s circles and workshops.
AN Earth Goddess Yoga Master Yogini - Koreen Valdovinos, owner of Open Minds Fusion studio, co-founder of Earth Goddess yoga (bringing tribal dance to yoga class!). Experienced in tantra and sensual education.

Gift yourself.
Or a sister who deserves this. (Heh! We all kinda do!)
Investment in a beautiful evening- $33.25


Tons of beautiful event details:

Valentine's Day .... 😏🤷‍♀️ 😀
Always dedicated to couples and the idea of a special someone buying you rose's and chocolate.
What if we celebrated the love for ourself!?!?
What if it was about true, unconditional self-love and self-care?
Let's make that happen! A women's circle dedicated to celebrating ourself, the power and love within us and self-care. No matter what your relationship status is.

Often we seek love and nurturance from others or we are giving it to others instead of ourself. So it's time to create a special space for you!! 💖💖

And self-care, the most important loving practice. Acknowledge the blocks and emotions that may be holding us back from giving back to ourselves.

Learn to build your own sacred practices to give back to your body.
Enjoy a Cacao ceremony with intention and love from mama earth. 🌍
Connect to your body through yogic movement and an intuitive flow. 💃
Get into your physical being, into your heart and into your womb space.

This 2 hour event is just an opening to the ways you can bring love and joy into your life, into your being. Practices to bring home and integrate into your every day life.

Please come prepared with a journal and pen, an open heart and eager mind.

There may be an extra special gift just for you too! 😉

Earlier Event: February 9
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Later Event: February 16
Hygge Night!