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Buti BootCamp + Superfood Cleanse

♂You asked for it. So it is back! A week of Buti Yoga Boot Camp before summer even starts! June 17 - 21st (the Summer solstice aka our favorite season begins!) 5 days. Monday to Friday. 6am Classes.

This time in conjunction with a super food cleanse. 🥑🌱This plant based plan is designed to flood your body and cells with nutrition so you can release those things that do not serve you or your wellness.

On a nutritional level, we will cleanse. On an emotional level, we will release and feel the yoga burn. On a physical level, we will level up our yoga practice, our endurance and willpower, and we will start that yogic fire. 🔥🔥🔥

We will call upon Agni (is a Sanskrit word meaning fire. Agni metaphorically represents all transformative energy and knowledge. ...The wisdom and cleansing power of fire and sun.) 🔥🔥🔥

💪Buti Yoga Bootcamp alone: $90 (includes 5 bootcamp classes plus 2 free classes to take at Open Minds at your leisure after camp is complete. To keep you going with good habits)

🍇Boot Camp + 30 Day Superfood Nutrition Flush. a light cleanse. High vibe vegan superfoods provided: $230
*Includes 3 free classes to take at your leisure on Saturdays or Sundays At Open Minds to continue making good habit thru your cleanse)

🍇🧘‍♂️ Bootcamp + 40 Day Ultimate Nutrition Cleanse (Recommended for the full experience: Includes the 30 days, plus an intense 10 day cleanse. Where the superfood is provided in ultra nutritious doses, and the detox gets really real. Organic, Vegan, High quality superfoods and Quality supplements & herbs): $330
*Includes 5 free classes to take at your leasure on Saturdays or Sundays At Open Minds to continue making good habit thru your cleanse)


Need more information and a sample class before you commit?

- with Detox Specialist, Carrie Drinkwine & Buti Instructor & Earth Goddess Yoga Master teacher, Koreen Valdovinos. (((See those dates at the bottom of invite)))) Also, Devin Burri, Buti yoga teacher leading DEEP Buti yoga for a midweek class.

🔥Remember this is the Agni fire we call on for this cleanse. The fire and the sun to Balance our northern winter!
In the ancient practice of Ayurveda medicine, agni is considered a form of energy. It is the biological fire that controls metabolism, digestion and the immune system. By balancing the agni energy and digestive system through Ayurveda, the individual enjoys better health, reduced stress and a calm mind.

$10 dollar sample buti yoga classes with nutrition and cleanse info sessions :
🔴Sample Classes:
June 9th 9am -1030am
June 16th 9-11a

Drop in at open minds about 15 min before class starts to settle in!