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Psychic Night w/ the famous Allie Mauer

Our last gathering had people laughing, crying and believing! Join International Psychic Medium and Healer Allie Maurer as she explains Energy Healing; the benefits, what to expect from a healing, and how it works. A great treat for a friend who needs healing or answers. Another great date night at Open Minds that will open you mind. Active audience participation encouraged. But it is cool to sit back and watch and listen too.

There will be a Q and A session where you can ask any questions on healing, psychic and mediumship, life after death...anything you have ever wanted to ask a psychic about, such as how or why we do it! Attendee participation is encouraged, so bring your list of questions! We will conclude the night with Gallery Readings where you will be able to ask questions for which you would like psychic clarity and guidance.
This is great for anyone who is:
-Curious about Energy Healings
-Wanting to discover more about how psychic readings work
-Interested in developing their own gifts
-Parents of children with "gifts"
-Looking for a fun, interesting, mysterious Saturday night!

All attendees that buy their tickets in advance will recieve informational handouts of tips to get the most out of a psychic reading (Discussed at length during our last Psychic Night), and a Healing Candle.

Tickets are $20/person via URL link above in advance or cash at the door. Limited availability.
Hosted at Open Minds Fusion Studio
515 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Parking- in lot and on street