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Buti, Bollywood & Brunch Week! BOGO WEEK! Bring one Get one! (bring friend get class for free!) Huge BOGO discount sale and special Buti Bollywood classes all week:

This week we highlight our BUTI YOGA AND BOLLYWOOD CLASSES.

But ALL week you get BOGO specials:

*Bring One, Get One (bring a friend, get a free class! Class pass card are given to you at the door after payments and friends are checked in)



TWO CLASSES. & TWO Chances to get classes at Open Minds, our premium boutique studio for ridiculously CHEAP.  ALSO: you can hangout with us, make new friends AND join our supportive tribe of women who are dedicated to an environment of healing, positivity and health! Also we are fun. We love wine after yoga sometimes, enjoy humor as we never take ourselves too seriously. ...but we do enjoy remaining fabulous..whatever that means to us individually.

1. Saturday Oct 15:  11am- 1230pm

Buti, Bollywood & BRUNCH!

-- With rock-star teachers, Koreen and Cheryl. Hang out and have a mimosa, tea, some brunch treats! 

Try BUTI YOGA for the first time today or millionth time!  This class will be special! We will of course shake our asana and get some REAL solid yoga and moving meditations and breath work...BUT ALSO we will integrate Bollywoood moves and sexy songs from India.  Sure to make you smile and love your body...and gain a few new dance moves.


2. Thursday Oct 20:  7pm Bollywood Beats

- a fitness dance class with dance moves straight from the movies of India,

...with a BUTI YOGA warm-up to help you feel into your fabulous body and warm dancer spirit soul.

Discounts on these 2 days only after class! GET IT WHILE YOU CAN. Lets Celebrate world beats, Dance, Yoga, Music from India and YOUR HEALTH!


Let's Dance.

Again (it is worth saying again), HUGE discounts this week!

 *50 PERCENT OFF THE REGULAR DROP IN PRICE on ANY CLASS PACK YOU BUY IN STUDIO (ONLY if you buy while at the studio after Buti or Bollywood class(limit of 2 packages))   10 Classes Normally is $150. On this day it is only 75 bucks! Buy one for you and perhaps one for a friend, mom, daughter.

*BOGO all week from our website (from home or anywhere) = Buy One 10 pack and get a 5 pack for for free!

Click here to buy between OCt 15- 22 to see these specials and buy!




what is Buti Yoga? Check THIS VIDEO OUT

 What is Bollywood Dance? check THIS VIDEO OUT