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Transformation 2018 - Vibrating Higher! The subconscious mind & Theta healing techniques

Lets talk about PERSONAL AND POWERFUL SELF TRANSFORMATION!   A Consciousness shifting workshop, with Carrie Drinkwine, Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Wellness Expert owner of Wise Wellness, and Earth Goddess retreats presenter.

Jan 1, 2018!!! Starts at noon.

Are you tired of setting New Years resolutions and never keeping them?? Or getting really pumped to be productive and change your life, just to end up finding yourself in the same old rut??  If so, TRANSFORMATION 2018 IS FOR YOU! This New years day I am hosting a workshop called Transformation 2018 completely focused on vibrating Higher!  We will embark upon getting uncomfortable and shaking the old shi* in your life up! Lets write a new story, tell ourselves positives things and imprint them into our subconscious! We Will be doing a breath work session to release old stored emotion from the body, talk about vibrations in emotion and in food and how to change your frequency as well as begin to implement tools to shift the subconscious mind through Theta healing techniques.  Learn your personal Human Design and how you will thrive best in your work life/ physical body.  Get ready for a truly new you, where you will finally begin to honor your truth and become your highest self!

Cost is only $59 but if you buy your ticket before December 27th type in Promo Code EARLYBIRD for an exclusive $9 off. Making your ticket a sweet $50 investment to yourself.  A fresh organic vegan lunch will be provided:)

Here is your ticket link:

Happy Holiday season to you all and remember to take some time for yourself!  Hop to see you all January 1st!  There is no better time than now

Peace, Love and fruit