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Earth Day Ceremony (with Earth Goddess Yoga) Retreat 4 All Genders

  • A-Mill Artist Lofts 301 Southeast Main Street Minneapolis, MN, 55414 United States (map)

Presented by Earth Goddess Yoga! Mark your calendars for our next seasonal, day-long yoga retreat with Earth Goddess Yoga. 

This popular event hosts yoginis, yogis, live musicians, guest educators, and earth medicine by way of plant nutrients and healing foods and education.

Men, Women and Everyone Else, Welcome to our special Earth Goddess Ceremony! We explore ideas of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that we all embody on this Earth Day! Bring your sisters, your lovers and enjoy this day of yoga and workshops. 

Live music to accompany our experience and soundscape journey. Cleanse mind, body and spirit alongside a community of wonderful beings, educators,sd yogis and yoginis. Make lasting connections as we heal our self, and look towards the whole that was all are. Men and women. All sentient beings. We are all a part of the organism we call Mother Earth. 

🌱Singing bowls and herbs. 
🌞Smudging the air and our spirits with Sage. 
🌎Tribal Drumming & Buti Yoga w/ Koreen Valdovinos
🌍Crystals. Reiki Healing. Yoga with Intuitive healer Veronica Walters. 
💧 Workshops with thought leaders and teachers exploring the self and aspect of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. 
🌟Creating Community and healing the whole by way of working through the self. 
🍄Plant Medicine and High Vibe Food
(specific workshop info below.)

* save 5 dollars and come as a couple of humans:
price for 2 is (76.50 each) $153 register under one name and have 2 tickets waiting for you at the door

Open to all genders! For Earth Day we invite all people to practice and learn with us. So bring your lovers and your brothers, your sisters and your all your senses. Lets explore and learn.  

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-Tribal Yoga Flow-
With Koreen and Veronica. 

Get tribal with your yoga practice. Before specialty workshops on the topics of the divine dualities, let’s get tribal with your yoga! Let us guide you through and all levels yoga practice with
•live drummer to dance your practice to
•kundalini spirals of movement
•Buti yoga with vinyasa flow


By Sara & Thomas, of Minneapolis Tantra Meetup and 
Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers of the Ecstatic Living Institute

By way of a interactive and experienced based workshop that incorporates movement: Intro to Tantra based on the work of Margot Anand. 

In this hour long workshop. You will be introduced to a number of Tantric practices where you can develop a deeper connection with self, and others. 

•Learn the 3 keys to enliven the Kundilini, Shakti, sacred sexual life force energy.

•Explore beyond the binary, discovering your masculine/feminine expression of sensuality, sexuality and spirituality.

•Realize how Tantra transforms our dualistic perspective to experience oneness. 

Here is a bio you can work with:

Sara and Thomas Stout
For over 25 years they have studied, bodywork, yoga, meditation, relationships and interpersonal dynamics. Their discovery of SkyDancing Tantra supported weaving together all of these disciplines into a pleasurable balance, including all of the body, mind, energy, and spirit. They offer classes, retreats, and coaching for singles of couples through 



A workshop on reiki healing, & sexual energy. 
w/ Melissa & Andrew of Euphoric Source. Reiki. 
•Energy work
•Intuitive readings
•Psychic Energy specialists

There is a Divine energy in each and everyone of us. This Divine energy is a balance between the Feminine energy and the Masculine energy no mater your gender fluidity. It is a loving and inviting energy that flows through our Sacred spirit. That energy never stops, it is always longing to connect to others. Then there's the human side. The side with boundaries and shields. The energy in this body is a reflection of the energy around our Universal Torus. The data processed in this embodiment reacts based on the algorithms formed from past emotions and experiences. The mind is the system that brings is all together and tries to make sense of both sides. 

But what happens when we put it all together. What lessons can we learn when listening to them all at once? What happens when we put others in our Universal Torus? 

We will be doing exercises to acknowledge our mind body and soul, find our personal space and boundaries, connect with others on a energetic and Divine level, and discuss what spiritual effects sexual intercourse has on the soul. Come be loved and nourished!


What to bring: 
* Your loved ones to share the day with. 
* Bring your yoga mat and a water bottle. 
*A blanket for savasna and meditations or to roll up and use as a seat or during mediation is a good idea. Ifyou like to sit on your own meditation cushion, bring it! 
* Optional - a bowl and plate - perhaps your camping big salad bowl and utensils. It's Earth Day after all. (Such will be provided but save a tree, and bring your own). 
*Wear layers as we will be getting some outside mediation time in as well as some more active yoga practices and well as some seated indoor workshops.