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Flying Over 50 - Silver Foxes

If you are not lucky enough to be 50+ yet, but know someone who is, please share this post with them!

This workshop is for our friends who are 50+ and new to aerial or perhaps apprehensive, or wanting to move a bit slower through inversions and stretches.

Students will learn the fundamentals of aerial postures with an emphasis on alignment, safety and breathing techniques.

In this workshop we will offer multiple modifications for all fitness levels and body types.

Why aerial yoga?

1. Movement, With less strain.
high-intensity cardio and strength training can put a lot of stress on the body. Aerial yoga can be an excellent low-impact exercise option to compliment or replace your current routine.

2. Build strength: Aerial Yoga offers strength training by using the weight of your own body. Unlike regular strength training, you're not adding any weight so you have more control.

3. Increased Flexibility.
Aerial Yoga challenges parts of the body that may not be exercised in any other program, like spinal flexibility. Yogis believe 'the body is as young as the spine is flexible.' Aerial yoga keeps the spine pliable and circulation moving.

4. Promotes Good Bone Health.
A gentle aerial yoga practice can be effective in preventing and slowing bone density loss. Whether you're looking to prevent or to relieve pain from an existing bone condition or fracture, gentle twisting poses and stretches can be beneficial.

Spaces are limited to ensure lots of time for one-on-one instruction. Reserve your spot online today.

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